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By Ka Ying

Once upon time, little Jessica noticed that there was a thunderstorm and lightning outside her apartment.Her mummy knows that Jessica is scared of lightning and thunder. So when she took Jessica to the supermarket in High Street, she suggested her to pick her favorite fruits for her fruit salad.Jessica chose mangos, strawberries, kiwis, apples, peaches, grapes, blueberries, pears and oranges.
Jessica also found some eggs for the fruit salad. After that she carefully put the things she wanted to buy at the cashier’s desk.
When Jessica and her mother came home they found a cardboard box with 5 white and gray little kittens in front of their door.
Jessica and her mother brought the kittens inside and fed them with milk.



By Sai-Gayatri

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jenny. She was scared of thunder and wished thunder never happens. She lived with her mother and father and a sister. They lived in a house in countryside. The thunder came one day. She went with her mother to shopping mall to buy some things. She was crying on the way because she was scared of the thunder. Then she notices a box right at her feet with 2 twin puppies. She always wanted to have puppies for her pets. She took them back home not noticing thunderstorm anymore. Then she realized that thunderstorm is actually a heavy rain and there is nothing to worry about it.



By Christy, Celine & Vivienne

Long, long ago there was a little girl named Vinessa who believed in a magic paintbrush. She was very, very good at drawing and always worked very hard. She has never been punished for anything and she was very kind to everybody. Most of the other children were very mean to her and jealous about her work. But Vinessa wasn't mean to anybody. One day when Vinessa was on her way home, a magical peaguses came flying to her !!! The peaguses said to her " Vinessa, I've come here to rescue the magic paintbrush" she said magicaily.
The witch captured the magic paint brush. Then the magic Pegasus carried Vinessa to a black and white palace.” Oh!!!” cried Vinessa. I never ever saw a palace like that!!! , that’s because the wicked witch made it, the magic paint brush control the colors and the handwriting that’s why you are good at drawing. The magical Pegasus brought Vinessa to the grand gate. A King & a Queen was waiting for her. The King and Queen said to her in a soft and gentle voice “Vinessa, You must help us rescue the magic paint brush” Vinessa reply to the King and Queen “Well, I’ll love to help but I think you must be looking for the wrong person …….It must be Gaulle the surrender of the magic paint brush!!!!!!

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