The amazing visit to the Solar System

by Jon
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Blast off! A space shuttle carries a group of seven astronauts. Within ten minutes, it’s in space! First stop, the Sun. The space shuttle has to travel 150 million kilometers to reach there! The sun’s surface is 6000 degrees hot, wow, but inside the Sun it is 15 million degrees hot!!! Next stop, Mercury. This planet is full of craters! Next stop, Venus. This planet has poisonous air and a person would suffocate within a second! Next stop, Earth. Earth is the only planet with air, water and life on it! Next stop, Mars. With ice caps and dust storms, it’s the planet mostly like Earth! Be careful! As the space shuttle enters the asteroid belt, thousand of asteroids go past it! One might just hit the space shuttle! Next stop. Jupiter. The largest planet in the solar system with a big red spot more than twice the size of Earth! Next stop. Saturn. With a set of rings made out of small rocks and dust. This makes Saturn the most beautiful planet! Next stop. Uranus. This is the only planet that orbits like a bowling ball! Last stop, Neptune. Little is known about this distant planet. Yet storms do rage across this planet.

The amazing adventure to space

by Celine, Christy, Vivienne & Jon

My space journey

by Catherine & Jiyun

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