Weather fiction books

external image snowman.jpgWe decided to search our school library for stories about weather. We brainstormed the concept of weather and created a list of keywords that would help us to find stories about weather:
rain, snow, sun, wind, tornado, hurricane, storms, thunderstorms, fog, clouds, ice, spring, summer, autumn, winter, temperature,

Ahlberg, Janet & Allan. It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. Viking, 1993.
Allen, Tom & Patsy. The Storm. Peter Haddock Limited,
Bauer, Marion Dane. Snow. Alladin, 2003.
Briggs Martin, Jacqueline. Snowflake Bently. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998.
Briggs, Raymond. The Snowman Story Book. Puffin Books, 1992.
Butterfield, Moira. Where Am I? Belitha Press, 1998.
Cote, Nancy. It Feels Like Snow. Boyds Mills Press,2003.
De Paola, Tomie. The Cloud Book. Holiday House, 1975.
Hall, Amanda. The Stolen Sun. Frances Lincoln, 2002.
Kaye, Geraldine. Snowgirl. Heinemann, 1993.
Hedderwick, Mairi. Katie Morag’s Rainy Day Book. The Bodley Head, 1999.
Hughes, Shirley. The Snow Lady. Walker Book, 1990.
Milbourne, Anna & Sarah Gill. The Rainy Day. Usborne Publishing Ltd., 2005.
Moss, Miriam. Arctic Song. Frances Lincoln, 1999.
Munsch, Robert. 50 Below Zero. Annick Press, 1986.
Munsch, Robert. Millicent and the Wind. Annick Press, 2003
Park Bridges, Margaret. I Love the Rain. Chronicle Books, 2005.
Pitt, Steve. Rain Tonight. Tundra Books, 2004.
Polacco, Patricia. Thunder Cake. The Putnam & Grosset Group, 1990.
Sams II, Carl R. & Jean Stoick. Stranger in the Woods. Carl R. Sams II, & Jean Stoick, 2000.
Sendak, Jack. The Happy Rain. Harper Collins, 1984.
Shulevitz, Uri. Snow. A Sunburst Book, 1998.
Silver, Norman. Cloud Nine. The bodley Head,1995.
Standiford, Natalie. The True Story of Balto. Random House, 1989.
Steig, William. Brave Irene. Victor Gollancz LTD. 1987.
Suart, Peter. The Storm. MCCM Creatins, 2001
Tekavac, Heather. Storm Is Coming. Puffin Books, 2002.
Velthuijs, Max. Frog in Winter. Andersen Press, 1992.
Waite, Judy. The Storm Seal. Magi, 1998.
Whybrow, Ian. The Snow Friends. Gullane, 2001.
Willis, Jeanne. The Monster Storm. Andersen Press, 1995.
Wright, Betty Ren. The Blizzard. Holiday House, 2003.

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